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Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

“Primal Song” by Alex Ross;
The New Yorker; November 09, 2009
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Articles by or Interviews with MM

“Pioneering U.S. Singer Enthralls Syrian Students” by Khaled Yacoub Oweis;
Reuters; April 20, 2008

“Meredith Monk” by Christoph Wagner; Jazzthetik (Germany); April 2008

“Forging a Singular Vision From a Many-Sided Talent” by Steve Smith; The New
York Times; February 19, 2008


Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

“For the First Time in Syria, Worldwide Acclaimed Singer and Composer
Meredith Monk”; What’s On Syria; April 2008

“The M6 sings Meredith Monk @ Symphony Space, 6 March 2008; by Darcy James
Argue; Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society; March
14, 2008

“So glad I didn’t stay home…” by Anne-Carolyn Bird; the concert; March 7, 2008



“Using Movement to Thank a Champion of the Arts” by Claudia La Rocco; The
New York Times; May 24, 2008

“Meredith Monk and The Integrals”;; April 13,

“impermanence” by Budd Kopman; All About Jazz; April 1, 2008

“Meredith Monk: impermanence” by Jonathan B. Frey; Knoxville Voice; March
20, 2008

“Meredith Monk: impermanence” by David Patrick Stearns; The Philadelphia
Inquirer; March 18, 2008

“impermanence” by John Kelman; All About Jazz; March 17, 2008

“Meredith Monk at Symphony Space”;; February 15, 2008


Chapters in Books about MM

Gregory, Peter N. and Mrozik, Susanne, ed.; Women Practicing Buddhism:
American Experiences; Wisdom Publications, Boston, 2008

Marranca, Bonnie; Performance Histories; PAJ Publications, New York,


Mention, Photographs, Newspapers/Magazines

“Books in Brief”; Tricycle Magazine; Spring 2008

“Challenging Dancers, Young and Older” by Jennifer Dunning; The New York
Times; April 11, 2008

“The New York Canon: Classical Music” by Justin Davidson; The New York
Times; April 7, 2008

“Monk Piano Album”; Boosey & Hawkes: Quarternotes; February 2008


Articles by or Interviews with MM

"From the Black Death to AIDS: Cinematic Visions and Community in Book of Days" by Robert J. Blanch; Extrapolation, Vol. 48, No. 2; The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College; 2007

"Aterforum, Meredith Monk al Comunale" by Alessandro Taverna; La Nuova; June
9, 2007

"Meredith Monk, una bicicletta per orchestra" by Andrea Spinelli; Il Resto
Del Carlino; June 8, 2007

"Meredith Monk, Still Cooking" by Heuwell Tircuit; San Francisco Classical
Voice; May 8, 2007

Georgian; April 2007


Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

"Vi er her for a fad et til a leva” by Solveig Grodem Sandelson; Stavanger
Aftenblad; October 6, 2007

"Tutto il fascino della vita per voce, musica e danza" by Andrea Ghisellini;
Il Resto Del Carlino; June 9, 2007

"Energia rock e precisione della classica" by Alessandro Taverna; La Nuova;
June 8, 2007

"La nuova edizione di Aterforum Meredith Monk protagonista" by Helmut
Failoni; Il Corriere Della Serra; June 7, 2007

"Meredith Monk"; La Repubblica; June 7, 2007

"Due lunghi weekend con la ŒGenius Vocis"; La Nuova; June 6, 2007

Leah Garchik; San Francisco Chronicle; May 16, 2007

"New CD Sampler: Innovation and Expression"; Boosey & Hawkes Newsletter; Spring 2007

"Counterstream Radio OnDemand: Meredith Monk and Bjork";; March, 2007



“Gift Ideas for Dance Lovers”; Dance Magazine; December 2007

“Days of Creative Ferment in Gloriously Hazy Focus” by Claudia La Rocco; The
New York Times; November 15, 2007

"Meredith Monk: Ellis Island; Book of Days" by George Dorris; Ballet Review; Summer 2007

"Hitting All the Stops and High Notes of a Subway Ride" by Allan Kozinn; The New York Times; July 11, 2007

"Il fascino della vecchia avanguardia" by Alessandro Taverna; La Nuova; June 11, 2007


Chapters in Books about MM

Kismaric, Susan; Present Tense: Photographs by JoAnn Verberg; The Museum of
Modern Art, New York, 2007


Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines

“Conjuring Up Worlds to the Sounds of Many Voices” by Jennifer Dunning; The
New York Times; October 30, 2007

“Artist Updates”; NYFA The Gift*; Fall 2007

"Anniversary Gallery Postmodern Dance Covers" by Emily Marcel; Dance
Magazine; July 2007

"Da Malina a Peacock, la musica e regina"; La Repubblica; June 7, 2007

"Vocalita al femminile tra musica e teatro" by Alessandro Rigoli; Gazzetta
di Parma; June 6, 2007

"Voce di donna" by Andrea Ravagnan; La Giornale Della Musica; June 5, 2007

Federico Scoppio; Alias; June 2, 2007

"From Music's Persistent Gender Gap, A Festival Arises" by Anne Midgette;
The New York Times; June 1, 2007

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies; 2007

"Arteforum, genius voices e donna" by Alessandro Taverna; La Nuova; May 8,

"Of Note"; Dance Magazine; May, 2007

"MFA Students Make Maps of Places That Don't Yet Exist" by Dave Burdick; Naropa! Magazine; Spring 2007

"The Roots of Shambhala Art" by Kimberley Lueck; The Dot; Spring 2007

"The Week Ahead"; The New York Times; March 11, 2007

"Unplugged offers peek behind the curtain" by Mary Ellen Hunt; Contra Costa Times; March 8, 2007

“Composers Add Tastes to Fusion” by Allan Kozinn; The New York Times; March
5, 2007

"Section 5: Visual and Performing Arts- Criticism and Practice"; Bulletin of the American Academy; Winter 2007


Articles by or Interviews with MM

"Otherworldly art: Renowned composer wants others to experience her meditative music" by Marc Shulgold; Rocky Mountain News; April 25, 2006

“A lyrical life” by James D. Watts Jr.; Tulsa World; March 17, 2006

“Songs of life, death” by Joseph Woodard; musicScene; February 10-16, 2006


Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

"Meredith Monk Archive To Performing Arts Library" by John Rockwell; The New York Times; December 6, 2006

“Nove mulheres mostram arte e o poder da voz feminina" by Paula Rocha; Journal de Noticias; July 7, 2006

“Performance Practice in the Choral Works of Meredith Monk” by Giselle
Wyers; Choral Journal; May 2006; pp. 43-52

“Mind Bending Monk” by Emily Berman; Urban Tulsa Weekly; March 2-8, 2006

“The Indescribable Meredith Monk”; Intermission Magazine; March 2006

“Monk’s vision endures” by Mark Swed; Los Angeles Times; February 14, 2006

“Meredith Monk’s eerie vocals have led her to unique synthesis of arts” by
Allan Ulrich; San Francisco Chronicle; February 13, 2006

“Monk’s music not really so ‘simple’”; by Anne Midgette; Marin Independent
Journal; February 10, 2006

“Monk’s poignant ‘Impermance’ teems with life” by Georgia Rowe; Contra Costa
Times; February 9, 2006

“Mood Music: Meredith Monk Evokes ‘Impermanence’” by Felicia M. Tomasko; The
Independent; February 9, 2006

“Ms. Monk’s Master Class: advanced Cries, Clucks And Panda Chants” by Anne
Midgette; The New York Times; January 29, 2006


Chapters in Books about MM

"Improvisation: Interview with Meredith Monk" Peter Nelson, editor and Frances-Marie Uitti, Issue Editor; Contemporary Music Review; Volume 25 Parts 5 + 6, 2006; pp. 525-530



“L.A. Philharmonic cranks the Jukebox” by Mark Swed; The Los Angeles Times;
March 28, 2006

“Monk’s newest work an ode to loss: ‘Impermanence’ meditates on the passage
of time” by Joshua Kosman; San Francisco Gate; February 17, 2006


Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines

"Honoring Excellence, Encouraging Youth"; Playback Magazine; Summer 2006

"Limon Lives On"; Dance Magazine; August 2006

“Linguagem vocal em premeiro lugar” by Carlos Araujo; Diario Averiro; July 6, 2006

“A voz no feminino"; OAverio; July 6, 2006

“Tradition, Tradition” by Wendy Perron; Dance Magazine; April 2006

“The Week Ahead”; St. Louis Post-Dispatch; March 16, 2006

“American Composers Orchestra to Auction Ringtones by Philip Glass and
Meredith Monk” by Ben Mattison; Playbill; March 11, 2006

“Kiki Smith: Keeping the Faith” an interview with Lynne Tillman; Walker;
March 2006

“Meredith Monk: The Editor as Performer” letter to editor from Ann Gaydos;
The New York Times; February 19, 2006

“For Dowtown Clubs, the Uptown Classical” by Anne Midgette; The New York
Times; February 1, 2006

“Art, History and Culture from 1948 to 1986 at the Peggy Guggenheim
Collection”; Italia Mostre; January 30, 2006

“Putting the Money Where Their Dreams Are” by Vincent M. Mallozzi; The New
York Times; January 19, 2006

“Advice for Dancers” by Linda Hamilton; Dance Magazine; January, 2006

“The Bessies: Into the Third Decade” by Nancy Alfaro; Dance Magazine;
January, 2006


Articles by or Interviews with MM

“Words get in Monk’s way” by Alexander Varty; The Georgia Straight; November
10-17, 2005

“Cracking the secret code to enjoying music” by Kevin Griffin; The Vancouver
Sun; November 10-16, 2005

“Me and My Pal Bjork” by Tony Montague; The Globe and Mail; November 11,

“Meredith Monk Magician of the Voice” by Bob Turner; Common Ground;
November, 2005

“Mimi a vingt ans!” by Paul Duke; Marseille L’Hebdo; July 27, 2005

“Multi-faceted artist Meredith Monk finds fluidity with Sibelius”; Sibelius
Press Releases;; July 13, 2005

“Can’t put a label on Meredith Monk” by Spencer Lathrop; C-VILLE Weekly;
March 29-April 4, 2005


Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

“Breaking the barrier between sound and movement” by Michael Clive; Downtown
Express; November 4-10, 2005

“Making Music: Meredith Monk” by Jeremy Eichler; The New York Times;
November 4, 2005

“Meredith Monk Shows How It’s Done” by Anne Midgette; The New York Times;
September 11, 2005

“40th Anniversary Season”; Boosey & Hawkes Newsletter; Fall 2005

“Meredith Monk: 40 Years of Innovation” by Ellen Pearlman; The Dot; Autumn

“Avec Meredith Monk, y’a d’la voix!” by Patrick Merle; La Provence (France);
August 1, 2005

“Monk at Carnegie Hall, Lieberson at Lincoln Center” by Molly De Shong;
Buddhadharma; Summer 2005

“Voice Power: Meredith Monk looks for direct experience with the ineffable”
by Sigrid Heath; Woodstock Times; May 19, 2005

“Meredith Monk: Interdisciplinary Creator” by Erin Barra; The Groove; April
20, 2005

“Koboldenek: Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble” by Szazados Loszlo; Balkon;
April, 2005

“A revelation in sound: Meredith Monk marks 40 years of groundbreaking
vocals” by Darrell Jonsson; The Prague Post (Prague); March 9-15, 2005

“Meredith Monkova se vraci s novym programem” by Pavel Klusak; Tyden
(Hungary); March 14, 2005

“Performance: Meredith Monk” by Eddie Harrison; Metro (Scotland); March 11,

“Stringsongs: Kronos Commission is Composer’s First for String Quartet”;
Boosey & Hawkes Newsletter; Winter 2005

“Monk discusses her creations in pre-concert talk” by Liz Logan; The Oberlin
Review; February 25, 2005

“Meredith Monk”; The New Yorker; February 7, 2005


Chapters in Books about MM

“Recalling Chögyam Trungpa” compiled and edited by Fabrice Midal; Shambhala
Publications, Inc. 2005; pp. 467-468



“Look and Listen Festival 2005” by Bruce Hodges; Seen and Heard
(International Concert Review); April 14, 2005

“Komorni carovani Meredith Monkove”; Lidove Noviny (Prague); March 17, 2005

“Meredith Monk, Tramway, Glasgow” by Amy Parker; The Herald (UK); March 14,

“Singer’s unique sound clicks at Finney” by Zachary Lewis; The Plain Dealer;
March 1, 2005

“When the indefinable begs to be written down” by David Patrick Stearns;
Philadelphia Inquirer; February 13, 2005

“Kronos Quartet, Barbican, London” by Annette Morreau; The Independent;
January 26, 2005

“Kronos Quartet” by Tom Service; The Guardian; January 25, 2005

“Kronos Quartet, Barbican, London” by Richard Wolfson; Financial Times;
January 25, 2005

“Ivan Hewett reviews the Kronos Quartet at the Barbican”; Telegraph; January
25, 2005


Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines

“Best Meredith Monk Tribute Theo Bleckmann at the BAM Café” by Peter G.
Davis and Alicia Zuckerman; New York Magazine; December 14, 2005

“And The Bessies Go To”; Dance Spirit Magazine; December 2005

“Meredith Monk Tributes”; New York Magazine; November 14, 2005

“Entertainment Events”; The New York Times; November 9, 2005

“New works mean opera won’t suffer a tragic fate. Bravo!” by Joshua Kosman,
Chronicle Music Critic; SF Gate; November 1, 2005

“Making Music: Meredith Monk”; Time Out New York; September 8-14, 2005

“Making Music: Meredith Monk”; Newsday; September 11, 2005

“Festival’s mixed bag treats large, generous audiences” by Paul de Barros
and Judy Chia Hui Hsu; The Seattle Times; September 6, 2005

“Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company”; by Camille LeFevre; Dance
Magazine; September 2005

“An Interview with Master Visual Storyteller Ping Chong”; New Victory
Theater;; Fall 2005

“Apres Coup”; Marseille L’Hebdo (France); August 3-9, 2005

“Dites 4’33”” by Reno Vatain; La Marseillaise (France); August 1, 2005

“Fund Facts” by Joanne Sheldon; The Sky Lake Mirror; Autumn 2005

“Ile du Frioul (13): Festival-Atelier MIMI”; Liberation (France); July 30,

“Meredith Monk, Entre Mod et MIMI”; La Marseillaise (France); July 29, 2005

“Mimi, un atelier de musiques”; Sortir (France); July 27, 2005

“MIMI ou les airs impertinents” by Gwenola Gabellec; La Provence (France);
July 4, 2005

“Oreilles de Traverse”; Mouvement (France); July/August 2005

“MIMI tout plein” by Lionel Vicari; Ventilo (France); Summer 2005

“Festival MIMI”; Le Monde (France); Summer 2005

“Le Geste Juste” by Fred Kohn; 02 a Marseille (France); Summer 2005

“Peter Schickele Hosts 6th Annual Concert Music Awards”; Playback Magazine;
Summer 2005

“Noteworthy Member News”; Playback Magazine; Summer, 2005

“Portraits of Buddhist Women” photographed by Corey Kohn; Shambhala Sun;

“A New-and-Improved Walker”; nwa WorldTraveler; April, 2005; pp. 24

“Groundbreaking Women in Theater: Lighting Designer Beverly Emmons” by
Adrienne Onofri;; March 24, 2005

“DJ Spooky: Birth of a Nation remixed” by Larry Katz; Boston Herald; March
11, 2005

“Recitals: Kronos Quartet”; The New Yorker; February 7, 2005

“An Impressario Explores Life Without P.S. 122” by Phoebe Hoban; The New
York Times; January 22, 2005.

“Thoughts on the Once and Future Dance Boom” by Anna Kisselgoff; The New
York Times; January 6, 2005.

“Words to the Wise Performance Artist: Get Help. Collaborate. Grow.” by
Margo Jefferson; The New York Times; January 1, 2005

“Concerts & Recitals”; Where (London); January 2005


Articles by or Interviews with MM

“Authentic Voice: An Interview with Meredith Monk”; Mountain Record: The Zen
Practitioner’s Journal; Dharma Communications, Summer 2004; pp. 54-58

“Meredith Monk: Il corpo della voce” by Stefano Miliani; l’Unita (Italy);
March 26, 2004; pp. 20.

"The Art of Being Present" by Meredith Monk; Buddhadharma; Spring 2004; pp. 78

"Meredith Monk: Il corpo della voce" by Stefano Miliani; l’Unita (Italy); March 26, 2004; pp. 20.


Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

“Voices Carry: Choreographers celebrate Meredith Monk’s musical legacy” by
Gia Kourlas; Time Out New York; November 18-24, 2004; pp.107-108

“Meredith Monk” by Marianne Forster; Dance For You Magazine;
September/October 2004; pp. 22-23

"Moderne Mystikerin" by Tom Gsteiger; Basler Agenda (Germany); July 8-14, 2004

"Mikrokosmos" by BaZ; Basler Agenda (Germany); July 1-7, 2004

"Monk ou la voix libre" by Celine Musseau; Gironde (Bordeaux); April 16, 2004

“Life-Enhancing Tales” by Angela Neustatter; The Times (England); June 29,
2004; pp. 11

“Monk ou la voix libre” by Celine Musseau; Gironde (Bordeaux); April 16,

"Le magie vocali dell’artista senza confini" by Felice Liperi; La Republica Roma; March 24, 2004; pp. 10-11

“Writing the Fire” by Marcia B. Siegal; Dance Now; Winter 2003/2004; pp.



“Bravo for Mavericks” by Deborah Jowitt; The Village Voice; December 8-14,

“A Salute to Meredith Monk Relishes Her Many Incarnations” by Jack Anderson;
The New York Times; November 26, 2004

“Monkishness: For Monk’s 40th, a Birthday Chorus of Choreographic Royalty”
by Chris Dohse; The Dance Insider (; November 23, 2004

“Commemorating the Musical Half of Meredith Monk” by Anna Kisselgoff; The
New York Times; November 22, 2004

"Eine Schildkrote in der Grossstadt" by Maya Kunzler; Basler Zeitung (Germany); July 10-11, 2004

“Theatre: Impermanence Project” by Jeremy Kingston; The Times (England);
July 5, 2004

“Monk in the Hospice: Singing and Dancing Impermanence” by Josephine Leask;
The Dance Insider (
July 9, 2004

"New Music N.Y. 1979" by Joshua Kosman;; July 4, 2004.

"Monk in the Cathedral" by Beau Cain; East Bay Voice; March 23, 2004;


Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines

“Glassical Music” by Richard Scheinin; Mercury News; November 4, 2004

“Celebrating Meredith” by Amanda Smith; Dance Magazine; November, 2004

“See the classics old and new” by Tom Di Nardo; The Daily News; October 29,

THE Magazine of the Arts; September 2004

“On the Pulse” by Eve Tolpa; Santafean; September 2004

“Bjork’s Saga” by Alex Ross; The New Yorker; August 23, 2004.
“Concert”; Playback; June, 2004; pp. 60

"Sussan Deyhim: Vocadelics"; Time Out New York; January 8 – 15, 2004.

"Concert puts cathedral’s acoustics to good use" by R.M. Campbell; Seattle Post-Intelligencer; May 17, 2004;

"Composers, Inc.’s melting pot bubbles over Tuesday", by Cheryl North; Daily
Review; April 9, 2004

“Sussan Deyhim: Vocadelics”; Time Out New York; January 8 – 15, 2004.


Articles by or Interviews with MM

“Writing the Fire: Composer and choreographer Meredith Monk” by Marcia B.
Siegel; Dance Now; Winter 2003-2004; pp. 47-50

"Unspeakable Beauty: Meredith Monk’s Wordless World"by Erik Philbrook; Playback; Fall 2003; pp. 48 - 49

"The Enlightened Monk"by Kim-Kyna Tan; BenQ; Summer 2003; pp.20–21.

"Possible Sky: An Orchestral First"; Boosey & Hawkes Newsletter; Spring 2003 pp. 3

"Monk; orchestral first"; Quarternotes; June 2003.

"Spirited Away"by Clara Goh; Where Singapore; June 2003; pp. 19.

"Have Mercy; Meredith Monk on making music" by Shueh-Li Ong; theartsmagazine; May- June 2003; pp. 22-23.

"Quarry Reloaded"by Lorne Chambers; Charleston City Paper; May 28, 2003.

"In Conversation Meredith Monk"with Ellen Pearlman; The Brooklyn Rail; April-May 2003; pp.38

"Meredith Monk-Mercy"; AK this month; March 2003.

"Macdowell Colony Medal Day 17 August 2003; Presentation Speaker Meredith Monk"; The MacDowell Colony Newsletter; Winter 2003; pp.7-8, 10–12.

"Meredith Monk- an Interview" by Joelle Danant; Connections; Winter 2003; pp. 8 - 11


Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

"Simple Monk" by Clara Chow; The Straits Times; June 14, 2003

"South Carolina"; The New York Times; May 4, 2003

"Monk and Mahler; Lawrence Budmen reviews Tilson Thomas performances in Miami"; Ensemble April 28, 2003.

Eternity and a Year: ECM New Series; 2003 Phil Johnson (The Independent)

Eternity and a Year: ECM New Series; 2003 Geoff Brown (The Times)

"New World Symphony and Artistic Director Michael Tilson Thomas Announce

April 4 World Premiere"; South Florida's Entertainment News & Views; April 4 - 10, 2003

"On Monk's Experiment"by Juan Carlos Rodriguez; Miami Newtimes; April 3 - 9, 2003

"Sound Itself Is No Sound: A journey into process and performance with Meredith Monk"by Ellen Pearlman; The Brooklyn Rail; April-May 2003; pp. 37 - 38.

"Movements of body and soul"; The Budapest Sun; April 10 - 16, 2003

"Dissonant Thoughts On the Music Pulitzers"by Anne Midgete; The New York Times; April 9, 2003

"Intangible, mysterious, Monk defies pigeon-hole" by Shawn Lyons; art matters; March 2003

"Mercy"by Fanck Mallet; de Monde de la Musique; no. 274, March 2003; pp. 80

"Bang on a Can All Stars with Meredith Monk"; art matters; March 2003

"Vocalist explores language of senses" by Susan Morgan; Anchorage Daily News; February 28, 2003; pp. 17 - 18

"Dancing Voice/Singing Body: A description of a weekend workshop" by Joelle Danant; Connections; Winter 2003; pp. 4 - 5



"How she of so few words renders others speechless" by John Shand; The Sydney Morning Herald; July 25, 2003

"It’s a bird! It’s an insect! No, it’s Monk-like folk" by Martin Buzacott; The Australian; July 28, 2003

"Sweet reign of Mercy" by Clara Chow; The Straits Times; June 16, 2003

"Discovering Monk’s 'mercy'"by Debra Kaye; The New Music Connoisseur; Fall/Winter 2003

"Quiqang Chen/Meredith Monk" (CD Review) by David Sanson; Mouvement (France); May/June 2003

"Monk: Mercy"(CD Review); American Record Guide; May/June 2003

"Meredith Monk sorprende ancora, una voce lunare per 'Mercy'" (CD Review) by Stefano Merighi; Nuova ve Mattino pd Tribuna TV (Italy); April 14, 2003

"ECM: Une Philosophie de la Douceur" (CD Review); Le Telegramme (France); April 9, 2003

"Sterne des Monats" (CD Review) by Tilman Urbach; Fono Forum (Germany); April 2003

"Meredith Monk: Mercy" (CD Review); Vibrations (France); April 2003

"Mercy" (CD Review) by Christopher Ballantine; International Record Review; April 2003; pp. 43

"Monk Mercy"(CD Review) by John Story; Fanfare; March/April 2003

"Mercy" (CD Review) by Helmut Failoni; diario della settimana (Italy); March 15, 2003

"Meredith Monk: Mercy" (CD Review); Ouest France; March 9, 2003

"Meredith Monk: Mercy" (CD Review) by Harri Uusitorppa; Helringin Sanomat; March 2003

"Mercy" (CD Review) by Sven Thielmann; Stereoplay (Germany); March 2003; pp. 141

"Monk, Meredith: Mercy" (CD Review) by Franck Mallet; de Monde de la Musique No. 274; March 2003; pp. 80

"Meredith Monk: Mercy"(CD Review) by Diego Fischerman; Cuarermos de Jazz; March 2003

"Como suona l’estremismo" (CD Review) by Enzo Siciliano; Il Venerdi di Republica (Italy); February 7, 2003

"La pitie chaleureuse" (CD Review) by David Sanson; classica (France); February, 2003

"Monk, Meredith: Mercy" (CD Review); Aksentti; February, 2003; pp. 51-52

"Meredith Monk Mercy" (CD Review); WYAT; February 2003; pp. 14

"Monk: Mercy"(CD Review) by John Milson; BBC Music Magazine (England); February 2003; pp.73

"Meredith Monk: Mercy" (CD Review); Jazzit (Italy); January-February, 2003.

"Folk Minimal y Onomatopeyico" (CD Review); Diario de Sevilla (Spain); January 30, 2003

"Meredith Monk: Mercy" (CD Review) by Riccardo Bertoncelli; La Repubblica (Italy); January 23, 2003

"Psychedelisch; Meredith Monk: Mercy" (CD Review) by Anja Buhnemann; Landbote-Spots (Switzerland); January 23, 2003; pp. 15

"Picks of the Week" (CD Review); Commercial Appeal; January 19, 2003

"Meredith Monk; Mercy" (CD Review) by Guido Fischer; Musikexpress (Germany); January 2003; pp. 71

"Meredith Monk: mercy" by Wolfgang Sandner (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)


Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines/Books

"Today"; The New York Times; September 14, 2003

"A Three-ring House of Music, willing and Able to Surprise; An eclectic kickoff for Zankel Hall in a festival of 22 concerts" by Allan Kozinn; The New York Times; September 12, 2003

"Opening Nights" by Annabelle Kerins; Newsday New York City; September 12, 2003

"Meredith Monk and Ensemble"; Time Out New York; September 11-18, 2003

"Out with Berlioz, in With Ives" by James R. Oestreich; The New York Times; September 7, 2003

"Fall arts preview" by Bradley Bambarger; The Star-Ledger; September 7, 2003

"Jewel Box: Carnegie Hall’s new subterranean space debuts with a wealth of musical riches" by Steve Smith; Time Out New York; September 4 – 11, 2003

"Today’s Best"; The Sidney Morning Herald; July 23, 2003

"Flash Dance"; The Straits Times; June 13, 2003

"Mercy; Meredith Monk and Ann Hamilton"; Xplosion Arts; June 9-22, 2003; pp. A2.

"Cirque du Soleil: Varekei" by Aaron Krach;; June 2003.

"Merce Cunningham Named 44th MacDowell Medalist"; The MacDowell Colony Newsletter; Summer 2003.

"Congratulations to…"; The New Music Connoisseur; Summer 2003

"Singapore Arts Festival 2003"by Ong Keng Sen; BenQ; Summer 2003; pp. 18.

"1971 Arts and Literature" by Carla Blank; Rediscovering America; Three Rivers Press, New York, 2003; pp. 332-333; includes “Untitled” by Meredith Monk and special mention of “Vessel”.



Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

"Meredith Monk talks about Mercy" by Ken Smith; Boosey & Hawkes,; December 2002

"Artist News"; Dance/USA Journal Vol. 18, Nos. 2-3

"Creative Ties" by Janis Brenner; Dance/USA Journal Vol. 18, Nos. 2-3

"Mercy"; Time Out New York; December 5 - 12, 2002

"Mercy"; Voice Choices, The Village Voice; December 4 - 10, 2002

"Mercy"; The New Yorker; December 2, 2002

"Meredith Monk ‘Mercy'" by George Varga; San Diego Union Tribune; November 21, 2002

"Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble"; Boston Globe; November 7, 2002 " Mercy"; The New York Times; September 8, 2002

"Taking A Twirl" by Bill Cunningham; The New York Times; July 28, 2002.

"Catching Up with Meredith Monk" by Andrew Shapiro; 21st Century Music; May 2002; pp.1-3.Mention/Photographs, Newspapers/Magazines/Books:

"From Meredith Monk"; Boosey & Hawkes Newsletter; May 2002

"Two boundary-pushing artists join forces in 'Mercy'"by Rod Smith; Star Tribune; February 23, 2002; pp. E1, E12

"Found... and Gone" by Deborah Jowitt; The Village Voice; February 20-26, 2002

"Body Shots"by Linda Shapiro; City Pages; February 20, 2002; p.36

"Supple Nods To Aging Gracefully" by Jennifer Dunning; The New York Times: The Arts; February 13, 2002

"Sisters of Mercy: Meredith Monk on Art and War... And the Healing Power of Performance"by Sara Wolf; LA Weekly; February 8-14, 2002; pp. 38-40

"The Life of Music: A Talk with Meredith Monk"by Karissa Krenz; Chamber Music; February 2002, Volume 19, Number 1; pp.36-38, 54-56, 58-60

"The Quality of Mercy" by Robert Coe; Tricycle; Winter 2002

"Mercy Me! Meredith Monk's Vocal Anesthesia" by Ken Micallef; Women Who Rock; Winter 2002/03


Articles by or Interviews with MM

"Singing of Survival" by Barry Bassis; Town & Village; December 5, 2002

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"The Moving Pencil Writes" by Kyle Gann; The Village Voice: Music; December 18 - 24, 2002

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"mercy" review by Deborah Jowitt

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Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines

"Happy Anniversary Kitchen!"by Linda Weintraub; tema celeste; January/February 2002; pp. 102.


Articles by or Interviews with MM

"Meredith Monk: A Voice in Motion"by Gus Solomons Jr., photographs by F.Scott Schafer; Dance Magazine; July 2001, pgs. 46- 49, 70-71


Articles about MM in Newspapers/Magazines

"Take it and run"by Lisa Santandrea; (ai) performance for the planet; Arts international, Inc., New York; Fall 2001; pp.78-79

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Chapters in Books about MM

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Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines

Photograph and Listing; What's On; October 18-31, 2001; p.59

"Future Indefinite For American Opera in the New Millenium, by Joan Peyser; Opera News; August 2001

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The Soul of the American Actor, America's Artists' Newspaper Volume 4, No. 1, Spring 2001; photograph

"Big Band Master; John Hollenbeck"by Burt Korall; Modern Drummer; May 2001



Articles by or Interviews with MM

"Artist Looks Through Fresh Eyes", by Shelley Masar; The Octopus (Champaign-Urbana); January28-February 3, 2000.


"Composer First", interview with Frank J. Oteri, New Music Box editor at Meredith's home; American Music Center archives; March 16, 2000.

"A Conversation With Avant-Garde Singer Meredith Monk", by Stacey Kors;; July 18, 2000.

"Das Vogue-Gesprach: Stadt Als Sucht. Energie-Transfer auf der Strasse, Marchen zwischen Wolkenkratzern und Nervenkriege im Alltag: Performancekunstlerin Meredith Monk und Autor Rick Moody uber ihre innige Abhangigkeit von New York City"; interview by author unknown; Deutsch Vogue; April 4, 2000.

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"Monk in the Middle: Composer-choreographer Meredith Monk Looks Back on Her Career While it's in Full Swing", by Susan Jackson; Time Out New York; July 13-20, 2000, Issue No. 251.


Articles about MM in Magazines/Newspapers

"The Accidental Icon", by Logan Hill; New York Magazine, July 24, 2000.

"Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", by Rebecca Missel; Arizona Daily Wildcat(University of Arizona-Tuscon); February 24, 2000.

"Earthling Superstar", by Kevin Lynch; The Capital Times(Madison); February 2, 2000.

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"Finding the Magic in Something Very Ordinary", by Andrew Gilbert; special to The Mercury News(San Jose); March 3, 2000.

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The Magic of Meredith,"by John Aehl; The Wisconsin State Journal(Madison); January 30, 2000.

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Chapters in Books about MM

"Space as Map and Memory: Meredith Monk"by Nick Kaye; Site-Specific Art; Routledge; London and New York, 2000; pp 119-123; article with quotes from MM, Jowitt, Banes & Eisenman.

"Meredith Monk: Site-Specific Works"by Nick Kaye; Site-Specific Art; Routledge,London and New York, 2000; pp 203-214; includes quotes, and photographs documenting the process of five of MM's works.

"Money/Fame"a compilation of interviews by Linda M. Montano; Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties; University of California, Berkeley, 2000; pp 294-300; interview with MM.


Mention, Photographs Newspapers/Magazines

Photograph and Listing; What's On; October 18-31, 2001; p.59

"Future Indefinite For American Opera in the New Millenium, by Joan Peyser; Opera News; August 2001

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Mentions, Photographs Books

"In the Middle"by Catherine Brown; Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 30:3,Duke University;Fall 2000. (the medieval in Book of Days)