Meredith Monk


Incorporated in 1971, The House Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit arts organization with a mission to promote, disseminate and celebrate the work of the iconic American artist Meredith Monk. The House provides development, management, production and administrative services for Meredith Monk and Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble. In addition to the presentation of new work, The House is committed to building a legacy for Ms. Monk and sharing her prolific body of work with future generations of artists, scholars and the general public.


Meredith Monk, Artistic Director

Kirstin Kapustik, Executive Director ext 25

Peter Sciscioli, Projects Director ext 21

Anna Lublina, General Manager ext 23

Jenée-Daria Strand, Projects Coordinator

Chris Schimpf / Sacks & Co., Press Representative 212-741-1000

Rena Shagan and Associates, Domestic Booking 212-873-9700

To secure permissions and licenses, and to rent music, please visit Boosey & Hawkes

For inquiries regarding Meredith Monk’s musical catalogue, please contact Boosey & Hawkes


Meredith Monk, Artistic Director
Alex Vlack, President
Sebastiaan Bremer
Bobbie Foshay
Margery Perlmutter
Lauren Pistoia
Karen Nielsen
Frederieke Sanders Taylor, (Chair Emeritus)
Micki Wesson, (President Emeritus)
Haruno Arai, (Trustee Emeritus)
Katherine Goodale, (Trustee Emeritus)
Barbara G. Sahlman, (Trustee Emeritus)
Sali Ann Kriegsman, (Trustee Emeritus)

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