Meredith Monk

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Live excerpts from On Behalf of Nature, performed at UCLA in 2013.


For her newest evening-length work, Meredith Monk offers a poetic meditation on the environment. Using her 2012, highly acclaimed composition Realm Variations for vocalists and instrumentalists as a point of departure, she employs contrasts in range from high to low to create an expansive sound world of different musical realms. Within this world, Monk evokes the Buddhist notion of the existence of different realm categories—the idea of joining heaven and earth by way of human beings.

Drawing additional inspiration from writers and researchers who have sounded the alarm on the precarious state of our global ecology, Monk and her acclaimed Vocal Ensemble create a liminal space where human, natural and spiritual elements are woven into a delicate whole, in order to illuminate the interconnection and interdependency of us all.

On Behalf of Nature has received developmental support through residencies at UCLA (April 2012), Centre Culturel Andre Malraux in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France (May 2012), Le Théâtre De Lorient, Centre Dramatique National in Lorient, France (May 2012), Park Avenue Armory in New York (July 2012), Roulette in Brooklyn, NY (October 2012) and Duke University (October 2012).

Once again Monk works with the multitalented singers / performers / instrumentalists in the Vocal Ensemble: Sidney Chen, Ellen Fisher, Katie Geissinger, Bohdan Hilash, John Hollenbeck, Bruce Rameker and Allison Sniffin. She will also continue working with sound designer Jody Elff, lighting designer Elaine Buckholtz, and costume designer/scenographer Yoshio Yabara.

This piece is part of Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble's current repertory. For North American bookings, contact: Rena Shagan Associates.

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