Meredith Monk

This section includes outstanding footage of Meredith Monk from music concerts. Most often in a concert setting, Meredith and her ensemble will perform her work from many different opera / theater pieces into one night of music.


Selections include Hocket (Facing North), Travelling (Atlas), Gotham Lullaby (Do You Be), Woman at the Door (Mercy), Memory Song (The Games), and more. Performed here with Katie Geissinger, Bohdan Hilash, and Allison Sniffin. Performed as part of the White Lights Festival in 2010.


Return to Earth, from a piece called The Ringing Place (it also appears in ATLAS, 1990). This clip is taken from a retrospective of Meredith's work called Three Pivotal Works, performed at the World Financial Center in 1991.

TABLET (1981)

Tablet, composed by Meredith Monk, performed Andrea Goodman and Naaz Hosseini. Footage from a performance at UMass Amherst in February 1981. A studio recording of Tablet appears on Songs from the Hill / Tablet


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