Workshops with Meredith Monk

Meredith Monk teaches workshops throughout the year at universities and in partnership with organizations, including the Garrison Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Omega Institute and more. These workshops combine a basic instruction in meditation with exercises in her artistic approach, combining voice, movement and image.

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Meredith Monk and Ellen Fisher return to the Garrison Institute for this in-person workshop where voice, movement, and image intersect to create an opportunity for us each to discover our own personal richness.

Each session will begin with a short, guided meditation, followed by a detailed vocal and movement warm-up. We will explore how the outbreath expands into sound, tone, and resonance, and work with exercises to deepen our listening and awareness of our environment as well as the voices coming through us. The playful aspect of creation and the joy of discovering our unique vocal qualities will be emphasized as a way of connecting us to the healing power of the voice and body.

During the workshop we will further explore some of the principles that Meredith has been working with in the creation of her newest music-theater work, Indra’s Net. Meredith will also give a talk on the relationship she has crafted between her Buddhist practice and her art and Ellen will join her for a Q&A.

The workshop is open to all experiences and backgrounds.