Since April 2020, we have moved all of our workshop offerings onto the Zoom platform, in response to the current pandemic. It is our hope that this online platform can help to feel a sense of solidarity within a more global community, maintain a connection to and fortification of your voice and body during these challenging times, and serve as an act of self-care. 


Spring 2022 – New offerings with members of Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble!

Each session is led by a different facilitator for 1 1/2 hours, now with a special focus on particular pieces from Meredith’s repertoire to allow for more in-depth explorations of the processes behind each work.

Sundays from 1pm-2:30pm (ET / New York time):

March 27
Ellen Fisher’s session will be movement based, using some of Meredith’s language of gestural shaping. She will lead a comprehensive physical warm-up that leads to opening up the channels of expression to explore various emotions. Special focus on On Behalf of Nature (2013) and Plateau (1977).

April 3
Allison Easter will focus on movement integrated with singing, offering a movement warm up influenced by Laban/Bartenieff, Monk repertory and creative work to improve clarity, strength and expressiveness in the body. Special focus on Vessel (1971) and Book of Days (1988).

April 10
Paul Langland will lead a movement and sound warm-up leading into deeply connective dance and song improvisations based on the company repertoire. Special focus on the “Wash” section from Quarry: an opera in three movements (1976).

April 17 (no workshop due to Easter)

April 24
Lanny Harrison will focus on shape-shifting and transforming characters in changing landscapes and environments within solo forms, working predominantly from a movement base. She will also touch on how mindfulness/awareness practice and meditation can inform all theater work. Special focus on Quarry: an opera in three movements (1976).

May 1
Janis Brenner’s session will include a brief physical warm-up incorporating breath, a vocal warm-up, and a few explorations integrating both voice and movement. Special focus on “Thresher/Agricultural Community” from ATLAS: an opera in three parts (1991).

May 8
Katie Geissinger will lead a vocal warm-up focusing on relaxation, breathing, flexibility, ease of production, and expressivity, including exercises exploring the voice-body connection. Absolutely all are welcome, but this workshop will be tailored to those with some vocal experience. Special focus on The Politics of Quiet (1996) and Book of Days (1988).

We hope you’ll take advantage of these unique offerings, sharing different exercises and perspectives related to Meredith’s development of the Dancing Voice/Singing Body.

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A $15 donation is suggested per session and can be made using the button below. We appreciate your contribution at any level.




“In a time of such deep challenges, having supportive, positive leadership through shared exercises- all in a ‘group’ setting – is invigorating and restorative.”

“This workshop exceeded my expectations and was such a joyful experience!  I’ve been an admirer of Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble since college but I never imagined that I’d be able to learn directly from an ensemble member!  It was such an exciting opportunity.” 

“I learned new vocal warm-ups, enjoyed working with another participant across time and space, felt nurtured by community, and learned some crucial pointers for my own teaching (especially online) just by observing.”

More Info:

  • The workshop is open to all levels of performance experience
  • Workshops are filmed strictly for archival purposes

For more information about our online offerings, please contact Peter Sciscioli,