currentpart of Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble’s current repertory

Photo by Peter Sciscioli

Bloodline Shrine (2018)

Bloodline Shrine was conceived as both a stand-alone installation and an introduction or overture to Cellular Songs. Each video monitor in the installation displays the lifeline and physical attributes of one of the five performers, including voice, face, parts of the body, medical images, and photographs of ancestors. These visual strands reflect the richness and complexity of the performers’ DNA. The shrine serves as a meditation on the source of life as well as an intimate introduction to each of the performers, who are heard singing two musical excerpts from Cellular Songs.

Meredith Monk (USA, b. 1942) 
Bloodline Shrine (2018)
5-channel video installation (color, sound)
Conceived and directed by Meredith Monk
Installation design by Meredith Monk, Yoshio Yabara
Cinematography by Ben Stechschulte
Video editing by Katherine Freer

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Excerpt from Bloodline Shrine (2018)