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“Monk has mapped a world that never quite existed in the history of the arts. At once visceral and ethereal, raw and rapt, her works banish the spurious complexities of urban life and reveal a kind of underground civilization, one that sings, dances, and meditates on timeless forces.”

“If Monk is seeking a place in the classical firmament, classical music has much to learn from her…She may loom even larger as the new century unfolds, and later generations will envy those who got to see her live.”

-Alex Ross, The New Yorker


“…she is at once fearless, unique, uncompromising and yet builds human values into work that is never polemical, and has communicated across genre boundaries long before ‘crossover’ was even a term.”

-Anne Midgette, The Washington Post


“one of contemporary music’s great innovators.”

-Michael Quinn, The Classical Review



“A composer, singer and theater artist for whom experimentation has led to wondrous discovery, Monk conjures up a spectrum of colorful and evocative sounds from her one-of-a-kind vocal instrument.”


“…a musician of boundless imagination and vision. Both alone and with her vocal ensemble, she took the audience into enchanting, compassionate and disturbing worlds …the shadings, effects and expressive elements captured the listener’s attention and never let go.”

– Donald Rosenberg, The Plain Dealer, October 8, 2001






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Next week Meredith Monk’s legendary work, ATLAS: an opera in three parts, will be performed at LA Philharmonic. The piece has been re-staged by MacArthur grant winner Yuval Sharon. . Read about the exciting collaboration between Meredith Monk and Yuval Sharon in the NY Times article: “Meredith Monk Lets Go of Her Masterpiece” by Joshua Baron: “The essence of the whole relationship: I know that he loves this piece,” Ms. Monk said. “That is the bottom line. And I trust that he actually understands what this piece is, the aspiration of it. What more can you ask for?” . See the full article at:

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