Meredith with Members of the Young People’s Chorus of NYC

Arts Education Partnerships

Since 2009, Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble has partnered with NYC public schools to present arts education residencies for high school students based on Monk’s artistic philosophy. 

Residencies are held on-site during or after school hours and range from three to six-weeks. Vocal Ensemble members teach several segments of Meredith Monk compositions (movement and vocal) combined with exercises based on Monk’s artistic approach. When possible, the program culminates in the creation and performance of original work by the participating students. 

Workshop goals include:  

  • An introduction to Meredith’s practice through the creation of a performance and through training in various techniques;
  • An approach to/awareness of compassionate imagination that informs and shapes the works;
  • The opportunity for students to experiment across artistic disciplines;
  • And an art historical overview and insight into Meredith’s multi-disciplinary performance work. 

This program has been held at LaGuardia Arts High School (LAHS) and Bard High School with previous support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. 

If you are interested in bringing in members of the Vocal Ensemble to your school, please contact Sarah Lerner at